Missions and Outreach

Junior and Senior Missionaries

The Junior and Senior Missionaries fully support the mandate for mission which is found in Acts 1:8. Our mission therefore is to commit ourselves to reach out through personal witness by helping the poor and needy and the sick and shut-ins in the Greater Newark area, and to work zealously to seek projects that serve those without hope. We are committed to Christ and His word and shall support the ministries of our pastor, officers, and church body while we serve God and humanity as missionaries in the community through prayers and acts of human kindness. 

Bethany Cares, Inc. (BCI) Freedom School

The BCI Freedom School project, modeled after a program founded by the Children’s Defense Fund, is a six-week summer program designed to serve children in communities where quality summer academic enrichment programming is rare, cost-prohibitive or non-existent. The program launched the first Newark site in 2006 at Bethany Baptist Church. Bethany Cares, Inc. services 85 scholars between the ages of 5 and 11 years old with a safe academic summer experience that will instill in them the belief that they can make a difference (the Freedom School Theme) through a focus on literacy, cultural heritage and parental involvement. For more information, visit the Bethany Cares page <insert link>.

 Lott Carey Foundation

Lott Carey (The Lott Carey Global Christian Missional Community) is the missional arm of the Baptist Church, with a focus on international missions and evangelism. For more information, visit lottcarey.org.